Hi!  Welcome to Decorate My Life!  I’m Katie and one of the joys I find in life is CRAFTS… I know what you’re thinking–but not your typical popcicle stick adventures.  

Why the site name?  My very favorite artist, Leigh Standley, (also known as Curly Girl) just came out with a perfect new card that says: “True friends see us and all of our pieces, not as clutter but as decoration.”

Sometimes they would probably describe my many ventures, jobs, risks, and moves (4 moves in the past year) as organized clutter as I’m settling into real life.  I’d prefer to think of it as… very decorated!  After much deliberation, I decided to collect all my creations and ideas that decorate my life here where YOU can enjoy them too!  Here you will see the variety of outlets I invest my time in!

Although I live and teach in Northwest Arkansas, my roots are in Mid-Missouri.  Some things I enjoy most are sledding, southern accents, swing dancing with the boy, cooking for friends, gummy worms, christmas lights, occasionaly the piano…oh, and redoing sweet furniture finds… like this piece!


Please leave a comment, tell a friend, and check back often for picture updates, tutorials, and maybe even a giveaway down the road!  Bear with me… I’m new at this, but looking forward to sharing life with you!

Want to check out the fabulous Curly Girl?  I insist that you do!  http://www.curlygirldesign.com/

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