Transformation Tuesday: My Weightloss Journey with Arbonne

3 month progress- me

This post has been half written for quite awhile now.  Partly because I want to get it just right, but mostly because I am so ashamed of my before picture.  So ashamed that I wasn’t going to show it all.  BUT instead of waiting for that perfect “after” photo, you can see here that progress takes time if you take care of your health the right way.  Here’s all the proof in an omg-said-I’d-never-do-this-super-vulnerable-swimsuit-photo.  First and foremost I want to assure you that everyone has their own level of comfort for their body and I respect that.  But this was not the norm for my body.  The only reason I’m brave enough to post it is because just this week several women have expressed to me they are unhappy with their body but they don’t know what to do about it.  My hope is that if you’re feeling stuck, maybe you can relate to my story.  Focus on getting back on track with your health (whether it is weight loss or another reason) instead of getting discouraged about falling off the wagon!

Arbonne's 30 Days to Healthy Living

Back in August I went to a reunion where I saw several people I hadn’t seen in years.  Around eight times I heard “How do you do so much and still have it all together?”  Y’all I DON’T.  WE DON’T.  AT ALL.  It is never my intention to make anyone think we’ve got it going on over here.  Our life is busy and messy just like yours.  It’s just that Taylor and I are both dreamers at heart!  We’ve gotten pretty good at managing chaos that we hope is temporary.

In the spring, I threw my heart and soul into teaching, my marriage, and a LOT of time into my business (which I LOVE).  I was pouring into my class, my new team of consultants, but made excuses when it came to me.  By the time I slowed down and realized I hadn’t made time for myself or my health in months, I had gained 20 pounds.  Tears.  I hadn’t made the time for exercise.  Even though I knew what to do and had the tools to do it, I had dropped the ball on clean eating too.  Instead of being ashamed and embarrassed, now I’m proud that I made the decision to join a coaching group with accountability and try again to be my best self.

Arbonne Essentials Testimony

This is not a quick fix!  But it’s real life, friends.  So far it’s been a little over 4 months of working my tail off.  I was going through pictures on my phone and both of these happened to be in the same cover up at the lake with no makeup/no filter.  It was encouraging to see the difference in my face from the beginning of summer to the end… no more puffiness!  It’s not just about the weight or inches.  I finally feel like myself again and it’s improved my self-esteem.  Most women would give anything to just have their clothes fit better.  But more than that, I have energy after committing to being healthy from the inside out and my body feels so much better after healing my gut!  Did you know 80% of your immunity is in your gut?  That is powerful stuff!

Arbonne Detox

My friend Krista and I started working out together M-W-F.  I’ve never ever had a consistent workout partner until this girl!  We took the month of July off because we were both traveling… but we’ve held each other accountable throughout and had so much fun!

arbonne 30 days to healthy living

If you’re looking for a magic product that lets you eat whatever you want, stop reading this.  If you’re looking for a product that tells you there’s no need to exercise, stop reading now.  This route is sustainable AFTER the 30 Days to Healthy Living coaching program.  It includes the meal plans, recipes, grocery lists for 8 weeks beyond the challenge.  The private online community of coaching and accountability makes all the difference.  Some of you may know I’ve been an Arbonne consultant for over 6 years, but this post is just about sharing what worked for me because maybe it could work for you.  The focus is on increasing your nutrients, balancing your blood sugar, clean eating, being ph-balanced, and supporting your elimination organs.  It’s different because the select products you will use to increase your nutrients are certified vegan, gluten free, contain no artificial sugars, and do not include whey or soy.  This is not a diet.  It’s a lifestyle change that is like hitting the “reset” button for your body and learning the “why” behind healthy choices.

My results have been very gradual, but last week marked 20 POUNDS LOST since the beginning of the summer! I only take one picture a month and weigh in once a month, so I haven’t taken another progress photo since the beginning of September.  Stay tuned for a little more about my journey and what I’ve learned about food and about myself, but don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions!  Anyone else out there wanting to get back on track before the holidays??


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