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If you’re not a teacher, you may not know that Teachers Pay Teachers is a site where teachers can support each other by buying and selling resources.  It’s free to set up an account to buy resources for your classroom or your family.  You don’t have to be a teacher!  You can buy activities for your kids, great clipart, backgrounds, fonts, etc.!  We are always creating resources for our classroom, so it’s fun to make them a little cuter and share ideas with teachers all across the country.  Now I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.. Teachers Pay Teachers has helped me free up my time and become a better teacher so I can focus on the important part: teaching my students.  It’s not really about making extra money; it’s about an incredible teacher tribe who has come together in a digital community.  It’s about creating something you are proud of and being willing to constantly evolve as education evolves.  The sale is live! 28% off until midnight 8/4 with the code B2S15.

Can you believe another summer has come to an end?  I go back to work tomorrow!  And yes I LOVE my job, but I love the summer more :)  This isn’t primarily a teaching blog, but some of my most popular posts have actually been about some of my Teachers Pay Teachers products and this is the biggest TPT sale of the year.

Here are some of my brand new products you may want to check out!  Click the photos.

Reading Levels N-Z


 Reading Levels Unpacked: Levels L-Z  The Guide for Teachers and Parents

The biggest question I get from parents is “Level what? What does that mean?” Besides showing them the grade level correlation for Fountas & Pinnell, I really didn’t know what else to add in the conference. So, needless to say I did my research on targeted skills for each level and compiled a document to have on hand at conferences. I thought it would be a great guide for both parents AND teachers.
I hope this makes your job a little easier as a teacher. I use it as a quick reference guide for planning instructional reading groups, as well as helping parents know what to focus on with their child. It also shows that we aren’t just naming a student’s level based on an assessment, rather we truly know their strengths as a reader. 
This 17 page document is set up so parents and teachers can quickly see targeted skills for the level their child is on, as well as skills he/she is working towards for the next reading level (bottom half of the page).  This product is created for levels L-Z only (end of 2nd grade through 9th grade+).  Keep a lookout for the primary levels coming soon!

21st Century Classroom

Getting Started in the 21st Century Classroom

My classroom is a 21st Century classroom with 1-1 student iPads. We focus on project based learning and received extensive training in that regard before receiving the iPads through a grant. It was stressed that it’s not all about technology. Technology is just the TOOL for higher level thinking and learning. 
I truly believe this. HOWEVER, when I received the devices I didn’t know how to get started. It was overwhelming to figure out what to download and what technology resources to implement to get started at the beginning of the year. I spent too much time researching blogs, articles, and iTunes. 
After a couple years of learning, here you will find my quick tips for instructional technology, managing your classroom, ideas for digital portfolios, and programs to make documentation easier. Also included are three pages of apps divided by subject/use. Some of the apps are great for centers or extra practice. There is a page full of student work samples created with presentation and research apps to give you an idea of how we use technology to spur higher level thinking. This is a getting started guide for the 21st Century Classroom. It is focused around grades 1-3, but if you have multiple ipads in your classroom you will find value. Please contact me with any questions or ideas ! katie@decoratemylife.com 

iPads in the Classroom iPad Apps We Love: Grades 1-3

Not sure where to start or what to download on your student iPad? This document is for you! Here you will find an introduction with quick tips, three pages of apps divided by subject/use, and student work samples created with some of the listed apps for ideas. 

Categories of apps included:
Literacy: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
Science: STEM, Makers Space, Programming
Social Studies
Research/Accessing Information

Whether you use your ipad(s) for centers, research, or projects there is something here for you. This 7 page guide is great even if you only have one iPad, however I do have a 1-1 classroom. 

chalkboard prints

Chalkboard Quotes Part 2:  Encouraging Workplace Chalkboard Quotes … Only $6 for all!

These are a great gift for anyone. Set the scene for high expectations! I’ve had several professionals email me to request printables for the office or learning environment. I originally created these chalkboard quotes for my (amazing) literacy coach. She had specific quotes in mind to encourage collaboration and positive thinking. 
I absolutely love receiving pictures of my prints in their new home. It has been fun seeing these in classrooms, adult education classrooms, principal offices, administration rooms, conference rooms, counselor offices, and literacy/math coach offices. These are also a great gift to print and frame for your colleagues or professionals in ANY occupation. I love that they are not specific to classroom teachers.  Pick and choose your favorites for a fun and fresh look!

Technology Resources

Are you on Teachers Pay Teachers?  I’d love your feedback.  If you have a shop, tell me in the comments and I’ll follow you!


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