Summer Reading List

My computer is out of commission again so no home photos.  NOOOOOO!  Did you know I lost every single file/song/picture on my hard drive?  The school tech department is STILL working on my hard drive.  Until then, check out these books.  A lot of people have been asking lately for great book recommendations for their summer reading list.

Taylor (the hubs) got a new boat.  Which means he has been fishing non-stop.  Although I like to fish, I like to read more.  So every time he takes the boat out, I relax and read in the sun.  It’s a pretty good deal.

I recently read:

The Glass Castle

“The Glass Castle” is a book like no other I have ever read.  It is riveting.  This memoir will consume you.  I am fascinated by her story.  Even though I finished it almost two weeks ago, I can’t stop thinking about this family and their struggle.  I bought a copy this week for my mother in-law for her birthday and she has sent me three texts today in response to events in this book.  This is the perfect read for a book club because there is so much you will want to discuss!

My friend Sam recommended this book to me before our honeymoon last summer when I was looking for a beach read.  Taylor, bless his heart, ran all over the Miami airport checking bookstores for this book before our flight.  Every single one was sold out.  Somehow, I forgot about it until several teachers were enthralled with “The Glass Castle” at school.  You will be too!

Reading right now:

Jantsen's Gift

Exactly what it says on the cover, “A true story of grief, rescue, and grace”, Jantsen’s Gift was lended to me by a friend.  Although Taylor and I are newlyweds, it is heavy on our hearts to adopt. We began discussing adoption early into our dating relationship.  Whether it will be in five years or ten, we have began praying that our child will be protected and guarded until entrusted in our care.  We are praying that we can change the world for one child, local or international.  That being said, I bawled through the first half of the book.

The author, Pam Cope, is from Neosho, MO so it is close to home.  Her family experienced the tragedy of losing a child.  Her grief is raw and genuine and powerful, so powerful that it leads her to rescue hundreds of children all over the world.  Pam is raising awareness about child trafficking.  Did you know there are approximately 50,000 street children in Vietnam?  20,000 girls have been sold in sex trafficking in Vietnam alone.  There are still over 7,000 child slaves in Ghana.  (Don’t worry, this doesn’t give the story line away!)

I saw this quote on Pinterest- “When our grandchildren ask us where we were when the voiceless and the vulnerable of our era needed leaders of compassion and purpose, I hope we can say that we showed up, and that we showed up on time.” -Gary Huagen

What I’m reading next:

White Women

Have you read any of these?  Please comment to share great titles you have read lately!


  1. Phyllis says

    Lump in my throat and tears in my eyes after reading your comments tonight about Jantsen’s Gift!

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