Summer 2015 Reads

Summer 2015 Reads

Don’t you guys just love a good summer beach read?  Most of the books I read during the school year are for professional development or personal growth.  It is nice to kick back with a book for pure enjoyment in the summer with the sun on your face!  Here’s a quick review of each.  All of these came recommended to me, so keep in mind this is just my opinion and I’m quite the critic.  Will you do me a favor and add me as a friend on Good Reads?  You can search Katie Surly or click this direct link.  I love seeing what everyone else is reading when I make my lists!

I’ll start at the top-left: Oh Chris Harrison I adore you and I wish you were the next Bachelor.  However, as much as I love you I could not love your book “The Perfect Letter”.  It was a disappointment to say the least, too predictable even for a beach read and the characters were hard to connect with.  But I bought it to support him and my love for the Bachelor.

Which brings me to the next book: “The Selection” by Kiera Cass.  It is a cross between a dystopian novel and the Bachelor, so of course I loved it.  This is actually a 4 book series and I read all of them within a week.  It would probably be categorized as juvenile fiction, but I fell in love with the characters and couldn’t get enough. Her character development is on point.

I laughed so hard I cried in “Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me” By Mindy Kaling. I recommend listening to this one on audio because she is the one reading it so it’s way funnier hearing about her life in her context.  Great audio book for a road trip!  Light-hearted, funny, and down to earth.  I can’t wait for her next book coming out in September.

“Everything I never Told You” was interesting.  It’s about a teen death and how the family copes and tries to understand what happened.  It dragged on and I almost gave up on it.  However, all the reviews say it is a great portrayal of a portrayal of a mix-raced family and “the best contemporary family drama”.  I gave it three stars ***.  It’s rated 3.72 on Good Reads.

All you John Green fans will love “Looking for Alaska”.  Multiple friends told me this is their favorite book by John Green and it does make you think.  However, I do like Fault in Your Stars better.  It would be a great book study for high school/college aged kids.  This book is about juvenile struggles at a boarding school and the relationships found there.  I gave it four stars ****.  It’s rated 4.15 on Good Reads.

Jojo Moyes is an incredible author.  If you haven’t read “Me Before You”… stop reading this and go buy it or borrow it.  I’m so excited for the sequel to come out!  I’ve also read her books “The Girl You Left Behind” and “The Last Letter from Your Lover”. This book, “One Plus One”, is about a single mom trying to make the best of her situation and the chaos that ensues in their adventures.  You will fall in love with the endearing characters and find yourself rooting for them.  However, it was LONG.  I listened to it on audio and it was 12 HOURS.  That’s a long book.  I gave it four stars ****.  It’s rated 3.93 on Good Reads.

This round of reviews may seem harsh or blunt, but I think it’s because I read so many powerful books in the spring so these couldn’t compare.  Currently, I’m listening to Ron Clark’s brand new book “Move Your Bus” to get geared up for the school year.  This book will get you off the couch and jazzed about your job and being a team player.  It’s not just for teachers!  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone and I’m only halfway through it.

ron clark move your bus

Have you read any of these yet?  Next on my list is “The Nightingale” by Kristin Hannah and “Pretty Baby” by Mary Kubica.  I hope this new book is as good as “The Good Girl”!  Please leave your recommendations in the comments!

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