Piano Project- Progress

If you missed the first piano project post, click here to check out before pictures and inspiration.

I found an amazing piano tuner who helped me take out every individual key and clean it out first.  To remove the keys, sadly we had to remove the player piano and it wasn’t salvageable.  I vacuumed up mice skeletons, fur, chewed up sheet music from the player piano, and a whole bunch of dust.  She spent two hours tuning the piano and said she could come back and spend two more!  Unbelievable the difference that made.

how to clean a piano

When you lift the lid of the piano, there are hooks on either side to unhook the front frame so it lifts out.


I’m slowly making progress.  In the end, I decided against a solid color and went with vertical black and white stripes on the sides with a gold top.  I taped paper over the walls and just used spray paint .. somehow without making a mess! The stripes are painted with my favorite Reclaim Beyond Paint.  Excuse the iphone photos!


black and white piano

Yes, it is non-traditional but I love it so far!  Anyone who knows me, knows I adore leopard print.



You can see I’m in the midst of sanding down to the raw wood.  Still unsure what to do with the bottom portion, but for now it is a great focal piece when you walk into our home.  Comment your thoughts!


  1. Leah says

    Wow! Katie you are so creative. I love it as a focal point. You have done an amazing job. Thank you for sharing your progress.

  2. Jennifer Surly says

    I think it looks great just like this! The wood accents the painted portions perfectly….so proud of what you did with this! And it is GREAT focal piece when you enter your home!!

  3. Phyllis says

    Just saw this, and am absolutely lovin’ it!!! The stripes and gold are great with the leopard and blue. Love, love your taste!

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