Painting Furniture Outside the Box


I really enjoy painting furniture designs that you wouldn’t usually see!  I may have failed the gifted test by a long shot in the “out of the box thinking” category, but I can paint “out of the box” pretty darn well.  Finding several solutions to the same math problem doesn’t mean a whole lot to me, but discovering new ways to paint something unexpected and beautiful clicks into place.

Last winter, I found this desk (also for $3 in it’s original different shades of brown glory) and painted it wild with several layers of paint.

Katie before 2013 1297

I’ve been waiting for a great beside table with storage that is high enough for our guest bed.  This wonderful side table/storage unit was $3 at our neighbor’s garage sale.  Perfect!  Confession: I cleaned it up and sanded it down that very day with the idea in my head to make it match the desk in our guest bedroom.

painting furniture

The confession part- Fast forward two months later: I finally dragged it out and then painted it in 30 minutes.  Some knobs from Hobby Lobby completed it!


Try something new with your next furniture piece… Think outside the box and do something unexpected!  Create an eye catching piece that people will remember.  Try a different brush stroke or a surprising pop of color that is outside your usual comfort zone!

Check out some other neat recent pieces: Patterned Stenciled Furniture

Pattern Stenciled Furniture

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