Our 2015 Christmas Postcard

I hope your family had a blessed Christmas with your loved ones.  If only I could send all of you pretty online friends a Christmas card in the mail!  Instead, here’s our card digitally and a virtual hug! :)

Taylor Surly

One of my very favorite things is checking the mail in December. I love seeing all our favorite faces. Nowadays a lot of people are just posting a digital card on Facebook and I get it y’all.  People are busy and it’s pricy.  My mom sends one out about every 5 years. But just so you know, we don’t glance at it and throw your card in the trash at our house. One of our trees is full of Christmas cards clipped to the branches. It serves as a reminder of all (most) of the ones we hold dear. The next year, we put them all back up on the tree to start with. When your current card comes in the mail, I replace your old card with it on the tree. It’s fun to see how much the kids have changed in just one year and how the card’s message represents your family’s year.

Oh my goodness there are so many great sites now for unique Christmas cards now. I spent way too much time pouring over beautiful cards on Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Minted, etc.  Last year I ordered our Christmas cards from Minted.com because the addresses are printed on envelopes at no extra charge. The addresses are easy to import and are kept on file on your account from year to year. You can easily edit them or add to your mailing list.  This year I was on the search for a Christmas postcard instead of traditional card and it ended up that none of the sites had a postcard option for each style except for Minted, so basically I would have used Minted regardless. Ha!

Christmas Postcard

The postcards ended up being half the price of the card/envelope option of the exact same design! Even though I had to address them, I was writing a personal note on the back of most of them anyways so it wasn’t that big of a deal. Our return address was printed and we saved $9.60 in postage!  I also ordered Happy New Yrs postcards from them for my Arbonne business.  Everything has been great quality!  Check out Minted.com next year when you go searching for the perfect card.



  1. Jennifer Surly says

    Katie, I LOVE that you shared this idea! I love your tree with the cards, I think it is a great idea! I keep all cards too, I just like to go thru them. I LOVE the picture cards. Like your mom, I don’t get one out each year, but I sure enjoy getting them!!

    • says

      Right?? It’s so fun! Especially all the fun ways there are to customize them these days. And like you, we totally remember if we didn’t get one from someone LOL

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