One Year Married

We got married one year ago today!

wedding day

The traditional first anniversary present is paper.  As I reflected on our first year married, I wrote Taylor this silly poem.  Obviously I’m not a poet!

Wedding bells and leopard print

Trying to get out Betty’s scent

Swordfish nose and sun kissed toes from the Dominican

Our first home- paintbrush hands and still not done

New jobs and rushing out the door

Disagreeing, but loving you even more

Duck Dynasty and deer antlers

Cross Country meets and junior high antics

Christmas and our first stockings

You ripped up the carpet and the change was pretty shocking

Then came the sickness part of “in sickness and in health”

First time joint taxes and thinking not just of myself

Becoming puppy parents when we found Hank

Sometimes his cuteness is more than we can take

Fishing lures, budgets, and bucks in the backyard

Our first year wasn’t really all that hard

All the love, laughter, and memories shared

Here’s to one year being married!

Thanks to everyone who helped make our special day last year perfect!  We are thinking of you today as we do cheesy things like watch our wedding video and try to eat the top of our frozen wedding cake.

(Side note: If you are wondering about Betty from the poem- she was the elderly lady who lived in our house before us! ha!)




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