one fish. two fish. red fish. blue fish.

Dr. Seuss baby shower = most fun theme ever!  Tristan and Josh had decided they would do the nursery decor in Dr. Seuss  for boy or girl, so the best part is- all the decorations can be used in the nursery!  They are expecting a baby girl with the precious name Kennedy Lynn.

Guests could write a wish or a prayer for the baby and pin it to the board.  Tristan was able to take the board home to hang in the nursery.  This shower even had green eggs and ham. Seriously.  It was a party.

We had so much fun showering her with gifts and love!  Luckily, I was able to snap a pic with the beautiful mother-to-be before all the guests arrived!

I believe every baby needs to be celebrated in fancy-pants style.  There was so much joy it was infectious!  Love this girl.  And of course the teacher in me loves Dr. Seuss.


  1. Phyllis Elaine says

    This is the most clever, creative, and awesome shower them and decorations I’ve ever seen. Katie, I will be checking on additions on your site often.

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