Deck Project with Olympic Rescue It


The view from our deck is really what sold me on our home.  We love having friends and family over on our deck when the weather is nice.  It runs the entire length of of our house, but was in rough shape.  The former owner of our house painted it with a (red brown) stain that left it patchy and peeling.  It didn’t have a sealant and it didn’t protect it from direct sunlight and harsh weather conditions.


We researched several different options.  I was looking for a dark brown shade and something thicker than just a stain. The boards are showing their age and I only wanted to do this once! olympic-rescue-it

We looked at both Restore It and Rescue It by Olympic.  Restore has a heavier texture that feels more like that you would coat your truck bed with.  In researching, we found it to be very durable, but I couldn’t see us walking barefoot on that rough finish.  In the end, we went with Rescue It in Chocolate.  You can find a bucket of this at Lowe’s for about $100. Click for link.

Olympic Moderate Rescue It First, my father-in-law power washed the deck.  He’s awesome and handy and helps me with projects when my husband is doing things like fishing and…fishing.  We waited 48 hours for it to dry, then used a broom to brush off all the peeling paint that came up and tried to sweep off as much as we could.  Plan this project when there are clear skies in the forecast!  If it rains at all once you start, it won’t dry correctly and you’ll be back to square one.

deck project 1

We taped off the side of the house and I edged around with a brush by hand while my father-in-law started with a roller on a long pole on the other end.  Can you believe how much difference one coat made?  This stuff has unreal coverage.

Let the first coat dry at least 24 hours before painting on the second coat.

deck before-after 3

deck before and after 2 We tried not to walk on it or move the furniture back for at least 48 hours.  It will continue to cure for the next few days, so try not to give it heavy traffic.  This is the effect after two coats of Olympic Rescue It in the chocolate shade!  Read the directions on the bucket or Olympic’s site online carefully.  It should only be cleaned up with mild soap and water.  So if not power washing it again is a deal breaker, you may want to look elsewhere.

Deck before-after 1

We got the furniture off a local garage sale group on Facebook.  However, the cushions, rug, and patio lights are from Target.  The cushions have held up well in the rain, but do not buy an outdoor rug at Target.  That one had faded three shades to a light yellow by the next week.  I should have returned it, but am really bad about returning things.  The rug literally disintegrated in the rain.  Just don’t buy one.


As far as square footage/coverage- We painted two coats on the entire surface of the deck and still have plenty of Rescue It for the railings.


So.. we did this project quite awhile ago and I was waiting to post pictures until the railings was painted.  It’s 2016 and now it’s winter and we never painted the railing.  Oh well.  You might hear about that come spring.  Ha!  Real life.  We highly recommend Olympic’s Rescue It! though.  It was worth $100 for a deck face lift that will host many future dinner parties!  Besides the railing, my next plan is to paint the privacy fence white and add some decor there to make it even more cozy.

What is your favorite part of your home?  Is there a space you love to gather when friends and family come over?


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