With her permission…Meet Bethanie

(For those of you not coming over from Kelly’s Korner- Kelly is hosting her 11th Show us Your Singles linkup.  She lives in Bentonville like me and 11 couples have met and gotten married through her blog.  Crazy, right?  Read on.)

Bethanie 2

Let me introduce you to my sister!  I’m so lucky to be able to call Bethanie my younger sister.  She’s a 24 year old middle school teacher.  She teaches 6-8th grade theater and character education.  She’s also the cheerleading coach, but I should mention that happened by default.  She’s actually never cheered a day in her life before this but she’s an excellent coach and a great role model to the girls.

Bethanie 1

Fun Facts:

  • Bethanie loves the Lord and loves her people.
  • The photo above is her current Facebook profile pic. Just so you know this is legit and all.
  • Traveling with her is super fun.
  • Really good baker
  • Currently she is living and working outside of St. Louis, MO.  (Was totally trying to think of something for the title along the lines of Show Us Your Singles in the Show Me State…)
  • She comes to Arkansas to visit us often and worked at Camp War Eagle here in the past
  • Middle name is Hope
  • Adores dogs (really all animals)
  • Harry Potter fan
  • She attended both Southwest Baptist University and Northwest Missouri State University
  • Major: Theater Education  Minor: Business

Her life is an adventure and she’s open to new possibilities. Bethanie is authentic and genuine.  She taught me to stick up for myself and take risks.  She’s bold in her faith and is such a thoughtful friend.  Last time she came to visit I woke up and she had folded all mine and my husband’s laundry neatly on the couch overnight.  I was speechless.  Basically she’s the best person I know and you would enjoy getting to know her too. Whoever does life with her will be filled with so much joy.

Bethanie 6

When I saw Kelly’s post on Facebook about 30 minutes ago, I texted my sister a screenshot with:

“This may be a shot in the dark, but can I do a post about you for this?”

It caught her off guard because I’ve never tried to set up her up with anyone before.  She called later laughing and ended up giving me permission even though “it’s totally out of her comfort zone”.  You guys- it takes a lot to be out of my sister’s comfort zone.  She’s brave and independent.  Let’s take a moment to give a virtual high five to all the loves that had the courage to let someone post about them (or if you posted about yourself!) for such a public thing.  If something I said about Bethanie sparked your interest, comment with your email and I’ll pass it on. (Her email is bswiney6@gmail.com) Or if you posted about someone you think would be a good match for her, feel free to leave the link.  Take care!

Bethanie 3


  1. Laura says

    I would have to agree that it takes A LOT to be out of her comfort zone!! I love this girl. Her makeup is always perfect. Perfect. Hair- perfect. Smile-perfect. Thanks for sharing your sister with me!

  2. says

    She is beautiful, as are you. I’m sure someone is going to fall head over heels in love with her one of these days. In the meantime, I hope she enjoys her life. My grandson is in his twenties and he does the online meeting thing. It’s a whole new world from when I met my guy at a bluegrass picking 44 years ago.

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