Mastering the Stains and Steps

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DIY Doggy Stairs Our rescue fur-children are Hank, Waylon, and Cash. The whole gang, two dogs and a cat, are best friends. The two dogs are in the house and always getting into mischief.  Unfortunately, Hank has a (super long) broken back for the second time in 18 months.  He received laser disk ablation surgery at OSU.  Call us crazy, but we really love our pets!  If you do too, check out Hank’s story and two must-haves for pet owners. IMG_6448 These photos were taken when Taylor picked Hank up from the vet hospital after his 8 day stay.  Look how happy they both are! IMG_6452 This surgery cuts the risk of vertebral disk rupture in dogs, but Hank is still having problems and once again crate confined.
crate_confined_dog We carried him outside to go to the bathroom for the past 6 weeks, so everyone tells us kids would be easier.  Ha!  Hank is on pain meds, anxiety meds, and muscle relaxers, so he’s not exactly himself lately.  He’s been crate confined since December 23rd. Fast forward to mid-February: There are two things that have saved us during this recovery period as we’re finally able to let him out of his cage for just a little bit each day.  Creating DIY doggy stairs and having a great stain remover product are an absolute must for any dog during recovery.

stainmaster_pet_care 1. MASTER THE STAINS

STAINMASTER® Carpet Pet Stain Remover is seriously the best stain remover to clean up after your favorite furry friend.  Hank’s medicine made him sick, and this cleaned it right up off our rug without leaving any residue.  Whether you’re preparing for a new pet arrival, or going through a similar situation as us, check out the cleaning aisle at Target for this product.  Picture an invisible shield that repels the next mess too so it’s easier to clean up!  I like it because it doesn’t just remove pet stains, but also every day messes too.  It eliminates odors with ODOR REMOVE™ technology, which is great when your dog hasn’t been bathed in a month post-surgery.

how to use stainmaster pet remover Waylon is extra crazy without his playmate to play with and is currently running free in the rain outside.  He is your typical lab and tracks in mud and dirt left and right.  Waylon also throws up every single time we give him a full bowl of water because he drinks it too fast. It drives me crazy!  This product is available at select Target locations and online.  I found mine at our local Target in Fayetteville, AR.

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The best thing we’ve done for Hank is build him solid doggy stairs.  The first time he was injured, we bought him some pet stairs that were made out of plastic and broke after a month or so.  This time around, we wanted something sturdier (and less of an eye sore).

The first thing you need to do is gather crates or wooden storage containers of varying sizes at your local craft store or even from around your house.  They don’t have to match in color, just in similar widths and heights.  Try turning them on their sides or rotating them the other way to see which crates fit together best as stairs.  Here’s what we started with:

DIY pet stairs Try 2-3 crates depending on how high you need it to be and the size of step your pet is able to climb.  Next, hold your setup secure while your dog tries walking up the stairs to make sure he/she is able to climb it okay without any adjustments.

dog stair tutorial Hank was so excited to try out the stairs that this photo caught him in motion.  Once I helped him get started, he climbed up and down them just fine.

Your third step is to PAINT!

painting pet stairs Painting is my jam!  I painted the crates with an angled brush and an extra paint sample I had on hand.  The paint shade is called Repose Gray.

Photo Feb 14, 5 36 13 PM I only needed one coat of paint.  When the paint has dried fully, find your super glue of choice or a hot glue gun to glue together the painted crates.

how to build pet stairs

Photo Feb 14, 6 04 48 PM Hank was posing for the picture and decided to add his toy to his collection of favorite things.

stainmaster Do you have anything to add to our recovery list for Hank?  We’d love to hear your advice of what worked for your pet!


  1. Phyllis says

    I am so glad you have found this STAINMASTER Carpet Pet Stain Remover for all the needs you have for your fur kids. Happy that it is so effective! Hope Hank gets better real soon! Also, the stairs are such a great idea. You are so creative!

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