LASIK Surgery with Vold Vision

I recently had LASIK surgery with Vold Vision and it was a GREAT experience.  We seriously can’t say enough good things about Vold Vision!  In January, a good friend gave us tickets to the American Heart Association’s Paint the Town Red Event in Fayetteville.  (Thanks again, Alicia!!)  Shout out to my husband, Taylor Surly, for bidding on this at the last second!

Paint the Town Red Fayetteville

Ah-mazing.  If you are local, go next year!  Food from all our favorite Fay-town eateries, yummy free drinks, and a fabulous silent auction.

Paint the town red fayetteville

We went in saying we weren’t going to bid on anything… BUT then we saw the free LASIK procedure via Vold Vision!  I’d been dreaming about this for some time.  Taylor and I had discussed the payment plan option with my eye doctor, but decided to wait.   Taylor always called me blonde and blind because I am VERY near-sighted.  We figured it wouldn’t hurt to bid… Seriously 10 seconds after Taylor placed a bid, the lady came and collected all the clipboards.


This was my instagram pic that night… It’s blurry because I took a picture of the big screen.  We were pumped!

So let’s REWIND…I wore glasses from 3rd grade-8th grade and have worn contacts since 8th grade.  Let me give you a visual…


You see, I had large and very thick round glasses.  Here’s another…


Yeah… you can see why this was a HUGE deal to me.  I can’t ever remember waking up and being able to just SEE my alarm clock.  I’ve had countless nightmares where I wake up in the middle of the night and there’s a tornado or a fire or some kind of disaster where I don’t have time to grab my glasses or contacts and then no one can match my prescription for probably weeks…not to be dramatic or anything.

When I called Vold Vision, they told me to stop wearing my contacts and I could have the surgery within a month.  They got me in immediately for a consultation appointment.  I began wearing my glasses every day again.  (Except this time they were cute with leopard print on the sides.) Even though the surgery would be in Fayetteville, all my other appointments were at the Bentonville/Bella Vista location just down the road from us. IMG_2399

Taylor was super excited about it too and even scattered googly eyes all over our kitchen the week before the surgery, on Valentines Day.  (Get it?  No more glasses.)  Read more about that here.

Taylor Surly

I had the surgery less than a month after winning it at the auction on Thursday, February 20th.  It took just 30 seconds for each eye.  That is phenomenal!  We saved about $3,000 and what we spent was donated to a wonderful cause.  This picture was taken right after the procedure!  We can’t thank Dr. Vold enough for making this opportunity possible.  He is the most jubilant doctor I’ve ever met.  A shoutout to Dr. McFarland and Abby, too!


I had the surgery on a Thursday morning and went back to work the next Tuesday.  By Sunday the pain was gone and I was on the mend.  The best tip I can offer: Go to and download several audio books on your phone.  I listened to 17 hours of audio books as I laid there with my eyes closed.  After three follow up appointments and 5 weeks later, I would recommend Vold Vision to ANYONE.

Arbonne Omega 3

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Read more about the award winning/internationally known Dr. Vold here.



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    So glad your Lasik went well! I’ve worn contacts since my sophomore year of high school. The other night when there were all those storms I couldn’t figure out what was going on outside until I put my glasses on to see that the flashing was lightning.

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