Painting Black and White Stripes

How to paint stripes

We closed on our house the week before our wedding.  Things were crazy and my biggest regret is not taking any empty house before pictures.  It was an unusual situation because the first time I saw the house empty was 30 minutes before we closed.  When we walked in, the carpets hadn’t been cleaned.  There was old food in the fridge.  Random furniture was left in the house.  And we had movers on the way!  WHAT!?  I was so distracted, I didn’t take any pictures.  Luckily, the previous owner had to pay a hefty cleaning sum when we closed.  Our realtor was on the ball and had a carpet cleaner and cleaning lady there by the time I got back to the house… but that meant we had to move furniture in on wet carpet.  It was a mess.  And then we had junk everywhere when I tried to take pictures.

Before black and white stripes

I digress… Anyways, when we bought our house, I immediately knew that the huge blank wall was not going to work for me. It went something like this: Me: Babe, I’m picturing stripes and a chair rail with a bright color underneath. Taylor: Uhhhhh… I’m not picturing that. Me: Trust me.  I love what this wall is GOING to be. Taylor: Ok. Just tell me what to do.

Can you tell my husband is awesome yet?

Here was my inspiration picture from Pinterest.  It is from Dimples and Tangles blog.  She even had a tutorial at another link here.  Please look at my pretty pictures, but follow her tutorial on how to paint stripes.  It was awesome!

Dimples and Tangles

First, measure the height of your wall and divide to see how wide your stripes will be.  This will depend on how many stripes you want.  Just like Jennifer over at Dimples and Tangles, it was important to me that my stripes began at the bottom with black ended at the top with black, so I needed an odd number of stripes. I measured and put tape across the rail where the chair rail would soon be.  Underneath the tape was painted bright turquoise to break up the wall.  I measured and put a piece of tape where the stripes would be.  I had some helpers come over so I wrote “B” or “W” in pencil on corresponding areas so we wouldn’t get confused along the way!  It would have been a waste of paint to paint the whole wall white, so I just took a paint roller and painted all over the area where the white stripes would be.  Taylor won’t admit that he was a little scared at this point.

how to paint stripes step 2

It can be messy- no one else will see this part unless you are posting it on your blog like me haha!

how to paint stripes step 3

We used measuring tape and a level to tape perfectly straight lines.  You HAVE to use frog tape for this-we used the yellow delicate tape!  DO NOT use regular painting tape.  Buy frog tape at a fraction of the cost here.  Make sure the tape is adhered flat to the wall with no bubbles.  Now paint between the lines in your second color, in my case BLACK.  I had two perfectionist helpers for this- my brother-in-law and cousin-in-law.  I was so grateful for their help since the wall is so high and wide.

how to paint stripes step 4

This is Caleb and Elise gung ho about the stripes!

painting stripes step 5

Notice we also taped the corners…  It’s better to be safe than sorry!  Carefully take off the frog tape while the paint is still fresh.  We used a toothpick to make touchups after the paint was removed, but the lines were nearly perfect!

Taylor hung the Cut it Out Frames from our wedding reception on the stripes.  I love the way it turned out!

Cut it out Frames

Taylor also hung the chair rail.  He is so handy!

how to paint stripes

Fast Forward to several months later- now we have new flooring and it really completes the dining room!

black and white striped wall

Most of our pictures are in front of our fun striped wall since it is such a focal point.  This is a self-timed photo from our wedding anniversary before we attempted to eat our wedding cake!  Our little Hank celebrated too!

black and white striped wall

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    Hi Katie! Your wall looks AWESOME! I love those bright colorful frames that you used, those have always been one of my favorite designs. I’m so glad that my tutorial was helpful and easy to understand. Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I’m happy to leave a link to your blog in my post on Friday. Thanks again. Jennifer

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