How to create your own font

How to create your own font


Okay confession: I am crazy about fonts.  I love me some Kevin and Amanda Pea Fonts and Rowdy in Room 300 Fonts…among others.  Writing a parent communication note is so much more enjoyable if it looks cute.  I saw this quote on Pinterest, and thought of my old teaching buddies.  SO true.  A little voice goes on inside our heads that says, “You could have made that SO much cuter!”  It comes with being a primary teacher.

font choice quote

I literally almost cried when I discovered the district I worked in this year doesn’t let teachers download cute fonts on the school network… I almost quit right then and there.  Well I didn’t quit, but I pouted via text messages to my husband.  What?  Comic Sans? Papyrus? No!!!!

Well, believe it or not I survived the year.  Mostly by creating documents at home, saving it as a pdf, and printing at school.  It’s a hard life.

But anyways, I made my own fonts and you can too!  Download the iFontMaker app for $6.99 on the ipad or $4.99 for Windows.  I created my fonts on the ipad.  It was easy to create and publish!  Here are some screen shots while I was working.

Decorate My Life Print glyphs

By clicking the file folder icon, you can see the fonts you have created and click to edit!  Here are several that I am working on.

Decorate My Life Print

calli connect G

There are letters in the background to use as a guide as you manipulate your own handwriting.  The grid, although an option, helped me to keep the correct size.

Decorate My Life Print input type

With the “compose” option, you can use the keyboard to input your own type to see how your font looks.  Pretty cool!  The app uses to publish your font.  You can choose if you want to download it for your own personal use or publish it for the public.  Click the photos below to download the fonts I created for free!

Decorate My Life Calligraphy

Decorate My Life Fancy Pen Decorate My Life Fancy Pen2

You are welcome to create projects with these fonts, but please link back to me if you use them for commercial use (ex. Teachers Pay Teachers).  Thanks!  Leave a comment with a link to your font if you try it… I want to see what you create!

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