Halloween Gifts

I saw an adorable idea on Pinterest for giving Bath and Body Works Halloween soaps as gifts with a note that said “Germs are Scary”.  I really wanted to do that for my fellow teachers, but they only had mini bacterials left.  They were 75% off and only .37 each- perfect for little gifts for my students!  And Lord knows we need all the Germ-X we can get around here!  This is what I came up with.

Edit:  Here is the updated pdf.  I lost the previous file, but this one is almost the same!

say boo to germs

                                           say boo to germs

Click link to download.  Enjoy!


  1. bridgette says

    I LOVE!! your idea with the sanitizers. Im going to copy hope you dont mind and have my son (19months) pass them out to my husbands coworkers when we visit in costume. Did you make your own labels or find them online somewhere? Thanks for your help!
    Have a blessed day

    • says

      Hi Bridgett! I made these myself, and used to have the file linked on the post but it said “error”. I no longer have the file, but will make another and email it to you and re-post!

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