Erin Condren life planners- best planners in the world!

As the new year quickly approaches, I HAVE to share my favorite new years purchase.  My Erin Condren life planner.  I adore this planner.  This will be the third straight year I’ve bought one and the third straight year that I gift one to my sister also!

This was my first planner.  They accidentally sent me two way back in 2011… I emailed them about it and they said keep it!  Even though it had my name on it, I gave it to my sister and she fell in love with it too.  This was the month I got engaged so here we are with our matching Erin Condren life planners before my first dress appointment :)

erin condren planner

Then here we are again… at one of my showers in 2012.  My sister is diligently recording all the gifts into my life planner.

life planner

I love everything about Erin Condren’s planners… from the personalization options to the pretty little details to her impeccable customer service.  Here is my planner from the past year.  I chose the option to add a picture.  People ask me where I got it everywhere I go!

erin condren life planner

I’ll tell you right now that the planners aren’t cheap.  They are $50… but I use mine multiple times a day.  The way I see it is… I probably spend a lot more than that on things I rarely use so this purchase is worth it to me.  Plus on your first order you get a coupon code for $10 off your next order!  It would literally take forever to describe all the fun and handy features so here is the little video they made!

Throughout the year Erin Condren holds special “friends and family” sales that are exclusive to members with an account who have made at least one order.  I also have ordered both rounds of my business cards from Erin Condren.  Here’s a pic of the cards that had my maiden name and my new ones with my married name (front and back).

erin condren business cards

I’ll share the planner I bought this year and my sister’s when they come in.  I don’t want to give away her surprise!

Order yours now so it comes in before the new year.  Here are some great pics from their website:

life planner

erin condren life planner

erin condren life planner

erin condren life planner

Erin Condren also has a ton of personalized gifts and school items, but that would be a whole separate post.  I know without a doubt you will adore this planner.  Have you bought anything Erin Condren before?

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  1. Erin says

    I have gotten one of these life planners for the past three years from my wonderful sister-in-law, and I agree they are awesome! I also have their teacher lesson plan book, and it is the best!

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