DIY Pegboard Organization- Picture Post


Pegboard Organization

 Make your life easier with DIY pegboard organization!  Did you see my VLOG post yesterday?  This is a pictures only post, but go here to see step by step how I created this project.

DIY Pegboard Organization

The key to this project is to “shop your house”!  I found everything on this pegboard in my house, except the actual white pegboard that popped right into this awesome frame I got at a garage sale a few years ago.  Gather your favorite crafting supplies that you want close at hand, and see how you can organize them in one space.

How to create a pegboard

 In this picture you see an old dowel rod I found in the garage, a scrap of wood, coffee mugs from our cabinet, and a spice rack that just needed a coat of spray paint.  Add some personal touches with special items along with the helpful tools.  So fun!

how to create a pegboard

My favorites are my Curly Girl framed prints and my repurposed spice rack that is now home to paint and ribbon.

What would you place on your pegboard?



  1. David says

    I’m making one of these as a surprise for my wife. How is the peg board held onto the frame? Is the spice rack screwed on from the back? She will love this. It’ll be great on the wall above the yet to be made craft table.

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