DIY Pallet Chairs

diy pallet loungers

Months ago, our friend Drew took us to dinner to show us his proposal plan for his sweet girlfriend.  This guy had a PowerPoint of Pinterest pictures he wanted to use for inspiration for his backyard home movie proposal.  He had the ring, the yard, and the plan but wanted help with the setup.  My hubby, Taylor, immediately said we could build the chaise lounge chairs he wanted.  We had some pallets on hand and he got to work.  My job was to shop for décor!  Y’all know that’s totally up my alley… SO fun!

I looked up a tutorial online via Shoestring Pavilion.  We wanted to do something similar to her red chairs.

I’ll tell you- this project is a lot bigger than we thought.  Our neighbor ended up helping too.  Taking apart the pallets is the hardest part… so go read this tutorial for step by step directions!


 This is what we started with.  The cushions I finally landed on are from TJ Maxx and Home Goods… they are actually giant dog pillows.  But they are made out of thick outdoor-like fabric and zip off to wash.  Score!

diy pallet loungers

 This is the point at which we enlisted our neighbor, Jeff’s, help.  Jeff works at Lowe’s so he is great for intensive projects like this!

diy pallet loungers

 Fast forward hours later… and they were still taking apart these pallets!  (I was NO help for this part!)

diy pallet loungers

After they were put back together, I gave them a good power sanding so no one would get splinters!  Here we are trying the cushions on for size.

diy pallet chairs

 Ready for the paint!  I used two coats of outdoor white paint, but still left a rustic look so the wood showed through.

diy pallet chairs

To attach the cushions, I just hot glued some ribbon on all 4 corners of each cushion and tied it to the pallets with twine.  This is important so the cushions stay in place, but are also easy to remove.

diy pallet chairs

 We set up the pallet chairs in Drew’s friend’s backyard with a little table I painted in the middle.  He set up the projector facing a sheet hanging from the deck.  Sorry I didn’t take more pictures!

decorate my life

 Drew thought of every detail for a perfect night.

Congrats to Drew and Alicia!  We can’t wait for your New Years Eve wedding!

Drew and Alicia



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      Thank you Audrey!! Your crafty self would have these done in no time flat. Thanks for commenting about the blog update- I feel like I screwed it up trying to update it on my own so it’s a work in progress trying to fix the gliches :) My blog has kind of been on the back burner lately and I need to spend more time on it. Congrats on your TV segment.. amazing!

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    My husband has access to so many pallets and I have always wondered if these chairs could actually be made. I am loving this idea along with the idea for the cushions!! So glad to know it can be done. Thanks for idea and link to the tutorial!!

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      No problem, Katie! Thanks for stopping by Decorate My Life! This was such a fun project… it’s time consuming but totally worth it. I would love to see pictures if you try it.

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