Christmas Painting Re-Cap

decorate_my_life_paints Christmas is such a fun time of the year to be creative!  There is inspiration everywhere I look, both at home and at school.  I enjoyed painting several canvases for my mom’s non-profit shop, Re-Made for a Purpose, and hand-lettering everything I could get my hands on.


These cute baby pencil ornaments were super easy to make.  It’s just painted and laminated cardstock on a whim and loved the look on our classroom tree.  First, just sketch a tracer and cut out several pencil shapes from cardstock.  Use a couple light coats of acrylic paint and sprinkle it with glitter while the paint is still wet.  Then outline it in Sharpie if you want a bolder look.  Laminate them if you want to use them for years to come.  (I use a Scotch home laminator off Amazon.  They are reasonably priced and very handy!)  These are hole punched and hung with ornament hooks and ribbon, but they would look cute stapled on a writing bulletin board too!

decorate_my_life_paints When I use this paint technique, I use the same brush for the entire canvas so the trick is to do several canvases at once for the most efficient use of my time and paint.  I sprinkled these with very fine glitter while the paint was still wet, just like the little pencils above.  Christmas is a great excuse to glitter everything!  For all the Christmas canvases, I also collected festive words from magazines and used Mod Podge to decorate the corners.
photo-nov-11-4-49-27-pm photo-nov-11-4-51-21-pm

We didn’t send out Christmas cards this year for the first time, but I’ll jump back on that train next year!  Until then, here are some digital smiles from Taylor and Katie Surly!  We hope you enjoy every moment of the holiday season with your family!

Taylor Surly, Taylor and Katie Surly, Taylor Surly coach

Thanks for following along in our adventures.

What DIY projects do you have planned for 2017?

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