Christmas Card Photo Shoot Drama

That time when you try to spur of the moment take Christmas card pictures yourself… and your husband insists on both pets being included in the photo AND insists on wearing a camo hat.

christmas card photo shoot

Seriously, who holds up a cat in a Christmas card photo?  Apparently us.  Cash is an outside cat so I felt it was unnecessary.  Taylor’s words: “He’s part of the family.”  .. I chose to pick my battles.  You’ll have to wait for the good ones, but here’s a shot to make you laugh!  Just keepin it real for ya…

This is basically how it went down: I’ve been wanting to get pictures taken, but we have been so busy it hasn’t happened.  The leaves are falling off the trees SO fast this week.  My friend Carly and I were running today and saw this beautiful gold tree.  Taylor was working so we called him (on our run) and told him there would be a 5 minute photo shoot at 4:00 when he got off work.  Giving directions to a random spot, I literally said “Stop when you see the pretty tree.”  Carly was a good sport to play photographer!  She was standing by with our little digital camera cracking up at the spectacle.  Amazingly, we came out with a few good ones in a 5 minute time span.

I’m waiting on Tiny Prints to host their 40% off sale to order the cards we picked out.  Where do you usually order or print your cards?




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    For starters, I’m always impressed with people who think ahead enough to do a photo card. Being cat folks — we have three — and with all our children grown with their own children, we might possibly include Max, Timmy and Lucy in a picture of us. That would be if it ever happened!

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    Haha! So funny. We had a similar family photo fail when our dogs failed to cooperate (and the cat wasn’t invited to this one :).

    Happy holidays!!

    PS I print our cards at If you are able to design your own cards it is a super inexpensive printing option.


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      Thanks Audrey! I haven’t heard of that- I’m checking that out right now because I usually design my own for my classroom Christmas card of my students!! Thanks!

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