A Career and a Passion

Well.. We’re back to school.  It happened… pretty smoothly!  I have a great little (big) group of second graders that I already love love love!   We are already having so much fun and learning A LOT.   We’ve established our procedures and routine so now we are getting down to business this week.


No this is not primarily a teaching blog, but it always looks that way as we head back to school and our world flips upside down!

As I reflect on the past three years teaching, it seems like so long ago until I think about…  My mom just embarked on her 37th year of teaching special education.  She is amazing.  If I can be just half the teacher that she is, I’ll be doing alright.  My mom is everything that I want to be in a teacher.

mom 37th year teaching

Here she is with flowers from my Dad on the first day of school.

My mom sent me this:

“Sweet child of mine, I am continually growing from your skill and passion for teaching and learning. Used your activity for setting class expectations last year and am already pinning your creative things in a teaching file for this year. Would love to be in your second grade class and get a second chance at second grade: the year my teacher paid a visit to my home and spilled the beans on my behavior and your Papa made a real impression on me AND my behind. Love you dearly!”


My parents embraced every “teachable moment” with my sister and I growing up.  Now I am so grateful.   For those of you that don’t know, my dad is retired from 30 years as an administrator (and before that a coach).  He was my principal growing up and my ultimate role model.  My Papa and two uncles were/are superintendents.  All three of my aunts are teachers.  I have been completely and utterly blessed to have grown up surrounded in education from day one.  Can you imagine how many lives were touched by such a legacy in education?   Those of you that have complimented my teaching, I really and truly cannot take any credit.  Any strengths I have are thanks to these remarkable role models who instilled in me what it means to be a professional.  It is completely humbling to try to follow in their footsteps.  Keyword: try.

It got a little crazy when I somehow married a teacher, so there’s just no escaping it!  Then my sister began her last year of college TODAY and will be a FABULOUS teacher as well.  Going to bed thankful that I get to wake up and do something that I love EVERY day.

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  1. Elaine says

    My three greatest teachers in life: Jesus, my parents, and my children. God bless you, child. In the midst of a house that looks more like an unorganized thrift store right now due to the chaos and hours put into starting a new school year and the heart tugs of wanting your Mammy well again, I have been blessed. Thank you from the bottom of this Southeast MO heart!

  2. says

    So glad to meet you this weekend. I don’t think I got to mention that my husband was a teacher and is now an assistant principal and our two oldest got to the same school where he is. Next time we make a trip up to Fayetteville I’m giving you a yell.

    • says

      Jeanetta!!! Thanks for stopping by. That’s awesome!! I didn’t know that. Please call me if you come to Fayetteville- I’d love to have lunch or coffee! My cell is on my card! I was so blessed by you this weekend.

  3. Leah says

    I was thinking about you and missing you yesterday at school. I really needed this post. You are a true inspiration and encourager. I am so blessed to have been able to learn from you. God has given you an amazing gift.

    Love you and Miss you,

    • says

      Ohhh sweet Leah! This made my day. Thanks for your kind words. I’ve struggled to find the balance with blogging and haven’t posted since school started. I need to come back to blogging! Thanks for always reading and commenting :) You’re the best! Hope your family is doing well.

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