Canvas Order

A fellow blogger over at Sweet Happenings ordered two canvases from me.  The first one is for one of her friends with an ADORABLE nursery who just had a baby.  Her nursery is in pinks, teals, and our favorite- chevron!  I found a great tutorial for painting chevron via pinterest on PitterAndGlink.  See that blog for detailed steps!

Cut a triangle out of cardboard and use it to trace the chevron pattern on the canvas with a pencil.  Fill every other zigzag with painters tape.  Paint over it all with the color of your choice.  Let it dry.  Then peel off the tape.  Do any touch ups you need after.

Tips:    If you are doing this on furniture, the flat paint sometimes peels up with the tape.  I saw a trick on pinterest that said to use a blow dryer to apply heat to the tape as you peel it up at a 90 degree angle.  This really did seem to help when I did this on furniture.   I did not have trouble with the acrylic paint on the canvas though!  Also, make sure you use a clear enamel seal over the entire canvas after you are done!

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