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My friend, Kristin, and I had the best time hearing Kelly Stamps (from Kelly’s Korner Blog ) speak at a local church.  She spoke about how to share your faith through blogging.  Kelly has the gift of being transparent about her faith and giving advice straight from the heart… then giggling at herself in the next sentence and being so easy to relate to.  It was fun getting to chat with her for a bit afterwards and snap a few cute pictures!  And then here’s Kristin being an adorable mom (below).


Kelly’s blog was one of the first blogs I followed, so it is so cool she lives right here in Bentonville!

Tonight this is my first post for the online book club I joined, Literary Junkies! It’s been fun getting to know some blogging friends from across the country. 

Literary Junkies questions for this month:

1.  What are you currently reading?  I haven’t started anything else because I’m getting lasik eye surgery (!!!) Thursday and I don’t want to be in the middle of a book.  However, I did get an account to get a couple audio books.  (Any advice on getting past the narrator’s voice?  It is SO distracting.)

2.  What books are on your bedside table at the moment?

jesus calling

3. Are there any books being published in 2014 that you are anxiously awaiting? If so, what are they?

Y’all I have 54 BOOKS on my To-Read list on Good Reads.  I can’t add any more that haven’t even come out yet… I have to read these first :)

4.  Name the next three books on your “To Be Read List”?  (Okay make that four!)



This one was sold out on Amazon, but I have it on back order!  I’m so excited to read Big Mama’s new book!


This isn’t usually the type of book I would read but my lil sis (the beautiful Bethanie pictured in the screen shot) has been encouraging me to give it a try!


Several of my friends have recommended this book and it’s rated really high in Kindle purchases right now so that’s a good sign!

This month we read blogger Jenny Lawson’s (aka the Blogess) book “Let’s Pretend it Never Happned.”  Ummmm by “read”, I mean that my kindle says I’m 20% done with it.  I like memoirs and there are some really funny parts… but I find myself skimming until those with this one.  Did anyone else think that it started off VERY similar to The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls?  It starts with her falling out of the car and getting dragged as a child just like in Glass Castle AND starting a fire as a toddler.  That’s just uncanny.  I found myself comparing the two crazy lives across the memoirs and also found myself disconnected to this one.  It may not be for me…  But I’m looking forward to the next linkup over Serena by Ron Rash!

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    I want to read Me Before You for sure! I read The Girl You Left Behind by her and it was excellent! Audiobooks are hit or miss for me. I listen to a TON of books…right now I’m listening to one and the narrator is just killing it for me. I like the story so I’ll keep listening to it but she talks with this strange lisp and a weird accent and well it’s just not all that pleasant. But they aren’t all like that. ;) Thanks for linking up!

    • says

      I’m listening to The Girl You Left Behind right now and there is a VERY strong accent! I know the feeling. I have to keep rewinding to figure out what she said!! But its really good so far. I love books from that time period. Thanks for commenting!

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