Black, White, and Gold Guest Bedroom

Our guest room project is near completion.  Sometimes I go months without blogging a project because my projects aren’t “perfect” yet or publish worthy.  However, when I look back at where I started we’ve come a long way and you deserve to see the progress! Let’s be honest, some of my projects may never be fully complete.  Here is the inspiration for this redo:

black, white, gold

black, white, gold

You can see my inspiration Pinterest board here with credit where it is due.

Here is what we started with.  I HATED the yellow.  And those records of my husband’s just HAD to be moved to the basement.



Two coats of white Behr paint later, here is where we are:

gold guest bedroom

Pillows are from Crazy Pillow Ladies on Etsy.

Vinyl Polka Dots are from Urban Walls on Etsy.

Duvet and Duvet cover are both from Ikea.

The bedskirt fabric is from Hobby Lobby.  I hemmed it with an iron and pinned it into the box spring with little screw pins found in the fabric section at Wal-Mart.

gold home decor

If you are doing a gallery wall on a budget, try framing coordinating scrapbook paper with a clear sticker over it.  I even cut a gold gift bag apart and painted on it with a paint pen.  Get creative!

Next on my list: more pillows, find the right lamp shade, paint the shelf in the corner.

What’s next on your project list?  Remember if you are improving something, go easy on yourself.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Progress is progress and it takes time.


  1. Phyllis says

    This room is so soft and peaceful. Love the color combos and the way you give yourself time to bring it all together in your unique, Kt style that is adorable!

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