Birthday Week Book Giveaway!… and 26 before 26 update

birthday week book giveaway

25 was the best year ever!  When I was 25, I fell more in love with my husband each day.  When I was 25, I went to the UK with my sister and had the time of my life.  When I was 25, I got more serious about my blog and my career, too.  When I was 25, I read a lot of books and did a lot of projects.  When I was 25, I got out of my comfort zone to learn more and better myself.  On my goals/dreams list… I feel like I accomplished a lot of them ..or at least made progress!  Today I’m 26… so here’s an update on my 26 before 26 list.  Watch this short vlog for an intro and preview of the book giveaway at the bottom of this post! (Please try not to count the amount of times I say “um”.  Sorry about that!)

26 before 26

26 before 26

1.  Go to a blogging conference.  CHECK! (September 2013)  Arkansas Women Bloggers- Read about that HERE and HERE.


2.  Go to London  CHECK! (June 2013) AMAZING 2 weeks!  Read about our favorite spots HERE and find our trip itinerary HERE.

london tips

london series- trip itinerary

3.  Go to Scotland CHECK! (June 2013)  My sister and I spent 5 days in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Shame on me for not posting that yet! :)  Stay tuned for later this week!


4.  Stay in a hostel CHECK!  (June 2013) 9 nights. one hostel was phenomenal, one was terrible.

5.  Make $1,000 on Teachers Pay Teachers… Not yet, but I’ve made $780.54  Check out my tpt store here.

6.  Make 100 new recipes  CHECK!  Stay tuned for a post later this week with my favorites and Taylor’s, too!

7.  Blog once a week- there were only a couple weeks I skipped, so I tried really hard!

8.  Remodel our kitchen- redo cabinets CHECK! (July 2013- check it out here!)

chalk painted cabinets

9.  Take friends on two trips with our timeshare points (one completed, one in the works)

10.  Take an anniversary trip CHECK! (June 2013)


11.  Join the church we attend… shucks not yet.  But we are joining a body life group!

12.  Go to a marriage conference (October 2013) Read what we learned at the Sacred Marriage Conference here.

13.  Hit the $10,000 mark on paying off student loans (August 2013) Over $15,000 to date!

14.  Get a house cleaner… nope… because of #13 above and #15 below.  Dang student loans.  I wish!

15.  Pay off one student loan completely.. not yet!

16.  Have a garage sale  CHECK!  (March 2014)  We had a garage sale online and sold over $350 of stuff!  SO much easier.

17.  Lose 10 pounds… CHECK!

18.  Make my own headboard (May 2013-see it here)

custom wood sign

19.  Use 100 coupons… CHECK!  However, this one seems really stupid in hindsight.

20.  Redo my craft room (still in progress-see pegboard tutorial here)

Pegboard Organization

21.  Enroll in hot yoga classes (July 2013)

22. Write my hubby a poem (June 2013- read it here)

23.  Run three types of races… almost!  (one 5K trail run complete and one 5K registered for May 2nd)

24.  Get a job teaching 2nd grade again (April 2013)

25. Get rid of one item every time I buy something new.

26. Read 50 new books (student ones don’t count) CHECK! Add me on GoodReads and check my progress!  Find books I recommend HERE, HERE, and HERE.

And now for the GIVEAWAY!

birthday week book giveaway

Use the widget below to enter the giveaway.  Watch the quick video at the top of this post for a summary of each book.  The giveaway will be open April 15-April 22.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What goals do you have for the coming year?

Which book are you looking forward to reading the most?


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    Happy Birthday! What an impressive list of accomplishment for the year. I hope the next one holds lots of joy. An odd thing happened but some months ago. I started getting your post delivered via another bloggers name. I mentioned it to her and I guess when she tried to fix it, I got knocked off, but I’m back.

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