Pink and Black Furniture Piece- Before and After

I got this piece at a garage sale this summer .. they even delivered it to my house!  People in Arkansas are so nice.

Here is the piece BEFORE.

Here is the piece AFTER a little love.

Okay…I take that back.. a LOT of love.

This is the perfect coffee table because it has so much hidden storage inside!  It is painted with black satin paint.  The knobs are from Hobby Lobby.  This summer I discovered the plethora of intricate and whimsical drawer pulls and knobs at Hobby Lobby.  I wanted to buy several jeweled ones to have on hand for no reason, but talked myself out of the little beauties.

The picture doesn’t do the surface justice because you can’t see the pattern of the paper.  It is damask.  Pink and black damask.  I sealed the paper to the table by applying Mod Podge with a brush.  The only thing about the glossy finish is that the flash of my camera reflected off the surface!

You can find this little charmer at Riffraff on the Fayetteville Square for $150. (Now SOLD)


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