Bass Pro 50K at Dogwood Canyon

My husband ran 31 miles yesterday.  In 4 hours 25 minutes.  uphill. downhill. through creeks.

I don’t really get it… but I sure do cheer him on!


We spent the weekend before his race near Branson, MO at Big Cedar Lodge (our favorite), using one of our two precious personal days.  It was a beautiful day- we drove the whole way with the windows down.  Road trip!!


It was so fun just eating good food, relaxing, and taking a break from our busy schedules.  I totally had to hole myself in the room for several hours to work on parent teacher conference stuff while he fished on the lake, but it was still nice to not have laundry on and the dog barking while I was working!  bliss

Saturday I woke up to $100 cash on the nightstand and a message from Taylor to go get a massage while he fished.  Is this real life?  He caught fish and I read on the deck until my appt.  Bliss.  Sometimes a girl just needs to be spoiled!


The Bass Pro 50K was at Dogwood Canyon bright and early Sunday morning.  Of course when two of Taylor’s favorite things- running and Bass Pro- were paired together, it was like a dream come true for him.  Plus, Dogwood Canyon is BEAUTIFUL.  Below is a pic of some people that work at Rush Running or are on the race team with Taylor.  The two on either side of him ran the 25K and totally rocked it.  Rachel, on the far right, finished 2nd overall female for the 50K!  Rush Running was representing!!

rush running

Taylor won first place overall male for the second year in a row with a $500 prize!! He beat his time from last year by 5 minutes.  You could not pay me to run that far, but he loves it and I’m completely in awe of how talented he is.  This man has a gift for running.  a God-given gift y’all.  It’s ridiculous.

bass pro 50K

Just look at those legs- ha!


Do you notice that he’s smiling really big after running further than a marathon?  It doesn’t even look like he’s sweating.


I loved that his parents and his best friend, Choate, drove all the way to support him too!


 It was also my father-in-law’s birthday so we celebrated with dinner after the race!


Needless to say, Taylor is moving a little slowly today (both mentally and physically).  He can’t stay down long though.  Tomorrow he is hosting a huge cross country meet.  Our lives never slow down, but it’s always an adventure!


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