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Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to my parents!


Look at these two love birds!! They were 30 and 32 in this picture.  Thank you mom and dad for showing both grit and grace in your marriage and being in it for the long haul. Thank you for never giving up, being present, and putting family first. We respect you so much!

I can only hope and pray Taylor and I have a love as strong and true as our parents and grandparents.  This summer we celebrated 4 years married and 7 years together.  We watched our wedding video and were struck once more with how many special people we have in our lives.  I’m thankful for our friend, Scott, who married us and gave us the most unique vows that are perfect for us and a daily reminder.  Is it weird that I’m thankful for my husband every day but our anniversary makes me more overwhelmed for ALL our loved ones who actually got us married?

wedding thank you

It’s because with special things like both getting new jobs and buying a house the week before, a lot went wrong leading up to our wedding.  The happy moments were also filed with sadness because my papa died unexpectedly two weeks before our wedding.  In the boot heel of Missouri for the funeral, I got a call that our cake lady died too.  Other things are funny now like when I ran out of gas trying to get to my own wedding rehearsal and was super late, one of my bridesmaids zipper ripped and they had to run to the store at the last second and sew her into her dress, Taylor didn’t have a ring until the night before, and by the time we had our “first look” and he showed up in a tux that wasn’t what I ordered at Men’s Warehouse… we just had to laugh.

This just shows that no matter how much planning you do, something will go wrong!  It wasn’t perfect according to my plan, but people should put more planning into their marriage than the wedding.  Because guess what?  That’s not perfect either.  But it’s worth it.  And WE STILL DO.  It makes me want to go back to that day with all our favorite people in the world in one room (and the ones we’ve met since then)!  I’m so thankful for everyone who traveled from 10 states to be apart of our wedding that special day in 2012.  You know who you are!  We’re thankful for you.

We haven’t totally stuck to the traditional OR modern anniversary gift lists, but Uncommon Goods has a great Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide.  It makes it so easy if you’re going that route!  Their assortment is cool because they use recycled components and their products are creative and sustainable.  You’ll even find handmade and organic options in this guide specifically for your man!  Here are some ideas I thought were super cool:

modern anniversary gifts

1 WOOD: Custom Connect 4 Game  I love this idea.  It would look so cute on a coffee table in your living room.  Also your little guests can play when they visit!  Have any of you seen this before??

2  LACE: Golden Dipped Lace Necklace

3  COTTON: Custom Map Pillow

4  SILVER: Latitude and Longitude Cuff Links

5  CHINA: Custom Porcelain Coffee Mugs

6  WOOD: Custom Wine Box  There are 3 fun options for this gift.

anniversary gift for wood

 Uncommon Goods was kind enough to send us one of the custom wine boxes.  I was delighted to read on the little card that was included about the company that it was built in Missouri.  That makes it extra special!

anniversary wine box

You can customize your anniversary wine box with your initials, wedding date, and choice of anniversary mile-mark years.  Ours says “Open on your 5th, 10th, 15th” .  It’s made of sturdy wood carved with beautiful script.

uncommon goods wine box

There are three openings that easily slide out to place a wine bottle of your choice inside to save your special anniversary date.  The bottle of wine I placed in the first opening to save for next year was actually a wedding gift we’ve set aside, which got me thinking that these boxes would actually be an amazing wedding gift for another couple!

anniversary wine box

Do you and your spouse follow the traditional gift list or have your own anniversary traditions?  I’d love to hear your ideas you have for celebrating your special day!


  1. Jennifer says

    Katie, I LOVE how passionate you are about life, your marriage, your husband! You constantly inspire us to live life to the fullest and enjoy it as we go. Roger and I will celebrate our 35th anniversary Sept. 5th and the years have literally flown by! But when you are married to the right person, your best friend, that is what happens! Love you and Tay so much!!!!
    Hugs, Jennifer

  2. Barbara Abbott says

    Hi there, thanks for sharing this next month is our first wedding anniversary and I want to gift something unique to my husband, which will show love and care of our relationship, I discussed with my friend and he recommended me hand stamped necklace with initials. If anyone have any idea please tell me.

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