All About Reclaim Paint

This weekend we painted our bathroom cabinets with Reclaim Beyond Paint- 3 in 1.  Did you see the reveal?  Click here.

Bathroom Cabinets Reveal

This is not a sponsored post.  I did not receive free paint or anything like that.  I just LOVE this paint.  Like really. really. madly in love.

It actually says “FOOLPROOF” on the container.  No joke.  Anyone could do this.

I’ve never seen or used anything like it.

Things I love about Reclaim:

*No prep. No sanding. No priming.

*You can recoat in less than an hour.

*Has a professional finish.  No sealant needed.

*Beautifully thick with a lot of coverage.  It was created for cabinets, but can be used on almost any surface.

*No odor.


Need another example?


 This is my mom’s kitchen.  She did her ENTIRE kitchen with a friend’s help in TWO hours.  I first heard about this paint from my mom.  She found it at a paint boutique in St. Louis and shared the love with me by giving me a quart.  Since then, my aunt bought it for her cabinets too!  When my mom raved about the paint and how no-stress her cabinets project was… I just HAD to try it.

reclaim paint

Reclaim Paint

I was sold after one coat.  I would even go so far as to call it “magic paint”.  We both used the shade “Licorice”.

And yes, I love my chalk painted kitchen cabinets but it would have been twice as fast to use Reclaim paint.  I could have skipped the two coats of finish at the end.  This is why Reclaim is great for big projects!

supplies for cabinets

These are literally the only supplies I used to redo the bathroom cabinets and the painting only included the paint and 2 sizes of brushes.  Amazing?  I think YES.

It is a little pricy by the quart (about $40…same price range as chalk paint but totally different formula).  It saves you time and money that you would have had to spend in other supplies otherwise though.  You can buy this paint by the gallon for a little over 119 so you get more for your money that way.  However like I said, IT GOES A LONG WAY.  I did the entire set of bathroom cabinets with two coats and didn’t even use a quarter of the quart!!

You are already asking… “SO WHERE CAN I BUY IT?  TELL ME ALREADY!”

You can find it here on Amazon.

And here on Home Shopping Network.

Want more info?  Here is the Q&A on the Reclaim site.

Reclaim comes in these colors:  (UPDATED)


Their colors are mostly neutral shades, but absolutely beautiful.  Can you tell I can’t say enough good things about this paint?  We are going to paint our master bathroom over our next break with the Mocha shade.  What shade do you like best?



  1. Elaine says

    You are so right! This paint is fabulous! Would probably never use anything else on wood and can’t wait to try it on other surfaces. Love the look of your bathroom!

  2. Kelly S. says

    Do you know how much Reclaim it took to refinish your mother’s kitchen? I’m thinking of doing this for my in-laws small outdated kitchen and I’m trying to figure out a budget.

    I love this font, BTW. Care to share what it is?


    • says

      Kelly, It took my mom right at a quart for her kitchen! But a gallon would go a LONG way if you want to play it safe. I started with a quart… did the bathroom pictured and three furniture pieces and still have half a quart left. Amazing!

  3. Lisa B says

    My mom’s kitchen is straight out of the 1970’s. I have some time off next month and would love to help her paint her cabinets. They look similar to your mom’s style. How much Reclaim did it take? Should I get the gallon? If so, do you think I could also squeeze a bathroom vanity similar to yours out of that gallon? Just found your blog and love it. Thanks.

    • says

      I’ll email you, Lisa, to make sure you get this… a quart would probably be enough but you save money buying a gallon if you are going to do several projects! You could totally do a kitchen and bathroom with one gallon.

  4. katie says

    Did you brush on thin coats? I know it can be rolled on but I prefer a smooth finish versus the textured one you get rolling it on

  5. Macy A. says

    I am just about to paint my dark old kitchen cabinets and this sounds great!!! Would you clean the cabinets with a degreaser first? Also, has anyone used the bright white?

    • says

      Hi Macy! Yes you can use Simple Green or any degreaser! I haven’t used the bright white on cabinets, but I used it on two large tables and LOVED it. I’d love to see how your project turns out!

    • says

      Hey! I painted two large tables in my craft room with the white and I LOVE it. It is really easy to wipe down with a wet cloth or clorox wipe. I’m getting ready to do our master bath in the mocha shade!

  6. Virginia Herrington says

    Your cabinets look great! I am going to paint our kitchen cabinets which will be a huge project since we have 40 doors and drawers. Do you think one gallon of Reclaim paint will be enough to paint it? Also, I prefer a smooth finish on cabinets as if they were sprayed by a professional. Do you see any brush marks on your doors? If not, then what is your secret in accomplishing this smooth finish? I also have another obstacle in obtaining a smooth finish since we have oak cabinets Is there any way to keep the grain from showing? One last question have you experienced any cabinets chipping yet?
    Thank you!

  7. Virginia Herrington says

    Your cabinets look great!Do you think one gallon of Reclaim paint will be enough paint for 40 doors and drawers? Do you see any brush marks on your doors? Is there a way to cover the grain on oak doors? Lastly, have you experienced any cabinets chipping yet?
    Thank you!

  8. lisa Rutherford says


    Love your post! I’m fairly new to diy and want to do my honey oak kitchen cabinets. As a novice, do you think that’s too large a project to tackle? Also, if I want a light gray, since the reclaim line doesn’t offer one, what would I combine to get that look? Thanks in advance for your advice!

  9. Mandy S. says

    Hi Katie,
    I just found your website while doing paint research! I’m checking in to see how your Reclaim-painted cabinets have help up in that last year? And your mom’s kitchen cabinets? I’ve been leaning toward chalk paint for my kitchen face-lift, but the Reclaim is sounding a bit more durable and less labor-intensive… any feed-back would be greatly appreciated!!

    You can email me directly, if you wouldn’t mind!!

    Thanks, so much!!


  10. Katie says

    I was wondering about the durability of this product. We are thinking of using it on our kitchen cabinets and it sounds too good to be true. How was the durability of the white? Any yellowing or show through?

  11. lavona says

    hi ,just wondering if you have had any chipping in the past year and if this hides the oak wood grain like chalk paint does. and did it go on smooth with no brush strokes? just bought new house with oak cabinets in pristine condition just hate the look and we are on a budget so can’t get them refaced.

    • says

      Hi Lavona! We haven’t had any chipping in the past two years, but if you are looking for a more polished look you should check out my posts on Reclaim Beyond Paint. The paint goes further and has a different look! Good luck on your project

  12. says

    I’m sold! What are your recommendations on the glaze or finish. I see reclaim has a sealer but wasn’t sure if it was as awesome as the paint. Thanks!

  13. bess says

    Hi! Considering painting our kitchen cabinets with reclaim beyond paint. How has the paint on your mom’s kitchen done the last few years? So nervous to skip sanding and priming bit it would be amazing!

  14. Lois says

    Question : Can I use RECLAIM to paint my dowdy old formica countertops in my kitchen ? Is the surface safe then, to still use the counters for food prep ? I noticed the last date here was 2014 — it’s now 2016 — hope all of you are still alive and well !! and decorating !! thanks !

    • says

      Haha ! Hi Lois! Yes, I’m still posting projects a few times a month! Reclaim actually has a countertop kit that you can pick a few color options from! I haven’t tried it, but they have some great tutorial videos on their website: Good luck! Our countertops are formica too :)

  15. Jennifer fraker says

    I have a question, when I go to Amazon or HSN, I only see 1 of the namebrand of the Reclaim in buttercream.
    But when I search for Reclaim paint in licorice, it bring up a brand called Beyond in all the same colors you list above. Is this the same stuff? Did they just rename it?
    Because I’m having a hard time finding it.
    Please help. I want this to paint my kitchen table and cabinets.
    There is also other question that I would like to ask you?

  16. Carmela Lewis says

    Can reclaim be used on shiny laminate furniture
    If so would I need to seal ?
    I’ve used it on wood in the past. And just love it

    • says

      Yes it can! If you want to sand it down a bit to rough it up you can, but you shouldn’t need to. I would only seal the top if it is a high use surface. Reclaim recently did a rebranding and the recent packaging I received says Beyond Paint. The former website name redirects to though!

  17. Kathy says

    So if I want to paint my bathroom vanity and my Formica top with the reclaim paint – do I use a paint brush or roller? Are there special tools that use ?

    • says

      Use their countertop kit for the counter top! I tried the foam roller for furniture/cabinets and preferred an angled brush, but it’s all about preference!

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