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Katie-001 Hey y’all!  I’m Katie- Welcome to Decorate My Life!  This is the journey of a newlywed crafter, blogger, and teacher.

Why the site name?  My very favorite artist, Leigh Standley, (also known as Curly Girl) created a perfect card that says: “True friends see us and all of our pieces, not as clutter but as decoration.”

Here I collect all my creations and ideas that decorate my life here where YOU can enjoy them too!  Here you will see the variety of outlets I invest my time in, as well as a snapshot of the adventures that make up our newlywed life.

My husband, Taylor, and I got married in June of 2012.  We bought a little house and are having fun completely remodeling it.  You’ll see some of the things we’ve learned along the way here on the blog.  (We’re both teachers so this is design on a budget!)  Although we live in Northwest Arkansas, my roots are in Mid-Missouri.  Some things I enjoy most are traveling, southern accents, swing dancing with my hubby, cooking for friends, painting anything and everything, and occasionally the piano.

I’m also an international health and beauty consultant with Arbonne International.  Arbonne has changed my life.  I love sharing our pure and safe products!  The coolest part is my sister and I are both District Managers working together!  Please email me with skincare/nutrition/makeup questions or needs.  My job is to teach and train men and women who want more time and money in an amazing home based business.  Join our team!

Please leave a comment, tell a friend, and check back often for picture updates, tutorials, giveaways here and there!  I’m looking forward to sharing life with you.

Want to know more?  Read about our wedding here:


Wedding Part 1

Wedding Part 2

Why I teach:

Chalkboard Quote

Career and a Passion

My flea market booth:

flea market style

Flea Market Style Posts

Some projects I’m proud of:

How to Create a Pegboard

Pegboard Organization

Bathroom Cabinets Reveal

Bathroom Cabinets Reveal Using Reclaim Paint

chalk painted cabinets

How to Chalk Paint Cabinets

Favorite Posts:

london series- trip itinerary

London Trip Itinerary

London Favorites


  1. says

    I love your blog! I found you when you left a comment on my blog Tech with Jen. I actually am starting a blog with my mom and daughters called Imagine with Grace. I love doing crafts, decorating, making cakes, etc. but over the past couple of years with my “tech stuff” have found I no longer do these things. My mom actually has a flea market booth in Conway and am planning on creating a few things for it. Can’t believe you are in Arkansas, too! I live in NLR.

    • says

      JEN! You’re in Arkansas??? SO cool! Join our Arkansas Women Bloggers group! I’ve learned so much from your site! We used kahoot this week for the first time! Love the name of your family blog. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Roslyn says

    Are email newsletters available? Fabulous blog. Ran across your site while researching Reclaim Beyond Paint.

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