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Ron Clark Academy- Teaching Takeaways

Hope King quote

If you missed Part 1 about our RCA experience, click here to go check it out! My first post was full of training wisdom and a big photo tour of the school.  This post is all about the things I’ve implemented so far, and things I’m planning to implement by Christmas.  Part 3 will be […]

Teaching with VIPKID: 7 Week Update & $2786 earned


I’ve been working with VIPKID for 7 weeks now and am absolutely in love with this side hustle.  VIPKID is a platform for teaching Chinese students English online!    First thing first: If you missed my first post with general Q&A about VIPKID, skip over to find it here: Everything You Need to Know About VIPKID […]


Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers site for teaching resources and a FREE download! Some products you will see: The Year of Billy Miller Novel Study ($5.00) Classroom Bathroom Signs ($3.00) Teaching and Learning Chalkboard Quotes

Ron Clark Academy Experience- Training and Photo Tour

Bentonville Teachers and Ron Clark

I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to attend the Ron Clark Academy Experience.  Never had I been so excited about anything in my career.  It is everything and SO MUCH MORE than you could hope for.  This post will not be a play by play of what we did because I don’t want […]

Everything You Need To Know about VIPKID

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I had never heard of VIPKID until February!  Have you heard of it?  You can teach English online to children in China with the lessons provided for you and make up to $22/hour without leaving your house or communicating with parents.  At first it sounded too good to be true, but I looked into it […]

2016 Summer Reads

summer reads

It’s officially summer for us teacher folks!  My sixth year of teaching is complete and I’m making my list of books to read this summer.  So comment away with your favorites! Here’s what’s next on my “Want to Read” list on Good Reads: I have some great recommendations to share, too.  Here are some books […]

Transformation Tuesday: My Weightloss Journey with Arbonne

Arbonne Essentials Testimony

This post has been half written for quite awhile now.  Partly because I want to get it just right, but mostly because I am so ashamed of my before picture.  So ashamed that I wasn’t going to show it all.  BUT instead of waiting for that perfect “after” photo, you can see here that progress takes […]

Put Your Best Foot Forward: Free Printable

back to school free printable

Looking for a quick and easy back to school gift for a friend or colleague?  I created these last night and gave them to my 2nd grade team, admin, and office staff today.  I used my favorite: Arbonne’s FC5 Cooling Foot Creme.  But you could use any kind of lotion (full size or mini) for this!  A […]

Teachers Pay Teachers B2S15 Sale

Reading Levels N-Z

If you’re not a teacher, you may not know that Teachers Pay Teachers is a site where teachers can support each other by buying and selling resources.  It’s free to set up an account to buy resources for your classroom or your family.  You don’t have to be a teacher!  You can buy activities for […]

Back to the blog in 2015

Decorate My Life

Hey guys.  I’m attempting to come back to the blogging world in 2015.  It’s been five months since I’ve blogged, and I’ve missed you guys in my little corner of the internet!  Thank you for your sweet emails and comments during that time.  It’s really as simple as this: When school started back up, I […]