3 Tips for Eye Care After LASIK

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This spring marked two years since my LASIK surgery with Vold Vision.  You can see my initial blog post here.  We bid on the surgery at a gala for the American Heart Association and won.  Remember that time when Vold Vision hired a video crew from Nashville to come to our house?  Check it out:

It makes me laugh watching it again because Taylor was running behind that day and threw on a wrinkled up shirt… it happened to be the same shirt he was wearing in those photos they zoomed in on so he was embarrassed.  Ha!  Fast forward a few years, and I still could not be more grateful to Dr. Vold.  I haven’t had any complications and my vision is better than 20/20, but there are three things I still do each and every day that contribute to my eye health.  Your doctor will give you an eye care plan for the days and weeks following your surgery.  However, don’t stop when your vision clears!  This advice is for long after your surgery.

3 Tips for Eye Care After LASIK

Buy a quality pair of polarized sunglasses with UV protection.  Wear polarized sunglasses with UV protection YEAR ROUND.  That means whether or not you are driving and whether or not it is sunny out.

Taylor Surly We both invested in a pair of Costas, a popular brand for fishing, but there are several great options you can talk to your optometrist about and research online.  Do not just grab a pair at the gas station with the polarized sticker!  Polarized lenses are important for reducing the glare and blocking ultra violet rays, but you have to look for the 100% UV A and UV B protection.
Did you know that the radiation from exposure can damage not only your eyelid, but your lens and cornea too?  Just like we’ve all learned the hard way with sunburns, the sun is just as powerful on a cloudy day.

Use preservative free eye drops in the morning and at night.  My eye doctors stressed the importance of ONLY USING PRESERVATIVE FREE DROPS and using them generously throughout the day.  Yes, every patient will experience dryness after surgery.  But because your cornea has been altered, the nerve endings that produce tears take time to regenerate so you may experience dryness for an extended time and during that time your eyes are more exposed to the environment without a tear shield.  I still experience dry eyes at night and in the morning, but I also use drops throughout outdoor activities.

Taylor Surly Bentonville AR It’s better to use the drops to prevent dryness, than to wait until they are dry and risk rubbing or scratching your eyes.  Find a brand of preservative free drops you love and make sure to take them with you when you travel.   3 tips for eye care after lasik We live a very active lifestyle.  Just this week I’ve camped, wake boarded, fished with my husband, and drove across three states!  However, I depend on New Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ to fully enjoy our free-spirit summer adventures.

eye care after lasik I’ve tried 5 different brands of preservative-free eye drops and this is my favorite one by far.  I bought mine at Wal-Mart in the eye care section next to the contact solution.

best preservative free eye drops Before this new line was introduced, I’d been using single-use vials from another brand.  The little strips were so hard to get all the drops out and my husband was finding the little pieces you tear off everywhere.  I love that this bottle has a built-in purifying filter that keeps the bacteria out, so there is no need for preservatives.  The multi-dose bottle is so convenient and easy to use.

eye care after lasik These drops make my summer activities more enjoyable, and it’s a great value too!  You get over 220 drops for less than the price I was paying for a pack of 60 single use vials.  Clear Eyes® for Dry Eyes, my favorite, provides up to 12 hours of soothing comfort.  Clear Eyes® is the #1 brand for redness relief, so if you have more than dryness look for Clear Eyes® Multi Symptom.  It relieves red, burning, itchy, dry, irritated, gritty, or watery eyes.  New Clear Eyes® Pure Relief™ is the perfect way to find preservative-free eye relief while preventing waste with innovative new packaging.  Click here for a coupon. 

lasik surgery testimony Continue to take Vitamin C and Omega 3s long after you’ve healed.  My instructions were to take Vitamin C and Omega 3s twice a day for the months following recovery.  Did you know your eyes can continue to improve even 18 months after surgery?  I still take these supplements once a day and will continue to do so for this reason and all the other benefits it offers as well.  Do this if you want your vision to be the best it can be.

vold vision testimony

Have you been thinking about getting a LASIK or LASEK procedure?

Feel free to give me a shout if you have any questions about my experience.


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