26 before 26

26 before 26

I’m linking up with Aslan’s Auspicious Albany Adventure for a 26 before 26 post! Eek! Am I really closer to 30 than 20 now? Seriously?  I guess I should start knocking out some goals and dreams here.

26 before 26

1.  Go to a blogging conference. (September 2013)

2.  Make $1,000 on Teachers Pay Teachers

3.  Make 100 new recipes

4.  Blog once a week

5.  Take friends on two trips with our timeshare points (one completed)

6.  Join the church we attend

7.  Get a house cleaner

8.  Redo my craft room (in progress-see pegboard tutorial here)

9.  Go to a marriage conference (October 2013)

10.  Pay off one student loan completely

11. Read 50 new books (student ones don’t count) Add me on GoodReads and check my progress!

12.  Run three types of races (one complete- 5K trail run)

13.  Have a garage sale

14.  Lose 10 pounds

15.  Use 100 coupons

16.  Get rid of one item every time I buy something new

So… I’m already 5 months into this birthday year y’all so the other 10 things I’ve wanted to do are already done! 

That’s fair, right? 

17.  Go to London (June 2013)

18.  Go to Scotland (June 2013)

19.  Remodel our kitchen- redo cabinets (July 2013- check it out here!)

20.  Get a job teaching 2nd grade again (April 2013)

21.  Hit the $10,000 mark on paying off student loans (August 2013)

22.  Stay in a hostel (June 2013)

23.  Enroll in hot yoga classes (July 2013)

24.  Take an anniversary trip (June 2013)

25. Write my hubby a poem (June 2013- read it here)

26.  Make my own headboard (May 2013-see it here)

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