100 Recipes- 26 before 26

  100 new recipes

As my 26 before 26 list concludes, probably my biggest challenge was cooking 100 new recipes.  Ingredients that I cooked for the first time during this journey: risotto (a new fav), mushrooms in a variety of ways, zucchini noodles (zoodles), shrimp, and grits.  We had quinoa in soup, as rice, in casseroles, in salad, you name it!  Taylor is officially tired of quinoa.  I changed my mind about corn during this journey.  I think I like it now.  We found ways to make deer meat that are really good.  You can see my whole 26 before 26 list here!

26 before 26

Before we got married, I had about a dozen meals I could make without a recipe by memory that we both liked.  In newlywed life, I branched out a lot but was still repeating meals quite often.  You can see all the Pinterest recipes I’ve ACTUALLY cooked now on my Pinterest board “COOKED IT! (Taylor Approved)”.  Let’s be honest- the things we pin on Pinterest rarely get crafted or created.  BUT.. I discovered a lot of awesome cooking blogs through Pinterest and stepped it up with trying new recipes.  I only cooked a meal twice if Taylor requested it so that I was forced to try new recipes.    When I had him list his favorites, these are the ones he told me.  These are the hall of fame recipes he requests again and again:


Kevin and Amanda’s Ham and Cheese Gnocchi


Mix and Match Mama: Spinach and Chicken Noodle Soup


Skinny Taste: Slow Cooked Jerk Pork with Caribbean Salsa


How Sweet Eats: Spicy Beer Queso with Chorizo and Black Beans 


How Sweet Eats: Crispy Avacado BLT Salad


Two Peas and Their Pod: Charred Corn & Avocado Quinoa Salad

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Have you tried recipes from any of these blogs?  What is your favorite cooking blog?


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    It’s always awesome when we take action on all that Pinterest inspiration. 100 recipes sounds like a lot! Wow! We’ve been trying out new recipes a lot too and it’s tons of fun. Sometimes there are flops, but sometimes they’re fantastic and it keeps things interesting.

    (Also how did you get such a lovely font in this comment box?)

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      Hey Sarah! The font came with my wordpress theme- it is by Pretty Darn Cute Design. I’m not sure how to add it to other themes.
      Do you have a favorite recipe blog? Thanks for following along!

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      Okay I found out the name of this font, Sarah! It is called Lobster and it is one of the google fonts you can use on blogs. (also found on Kevinandamanda.com fonts) Hope that helps!

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